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Highlights from the Online Exhibition Open Call

Diverse Art Community beyond Geographic Boundaries

Through information listing, curation and weekly editorial content, Art Yourself Atelier has gathered an art community with over 20,000 art professionals, collectors, gallerists, critics, journalists and viewers from the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Over the years, Art Yourself Atelier has also fostered strong relationships with galleries in the United States, Asia and Europe. Art Yourself Atelier serves as a unique reference for galleries and institutions to discover new talents.

Online Gallery Aesthetics

In tune with Art Yourself Atelier’s overall aesthetics, the online exhibition’s web space features a refined, minimalist design that works well with art works for presentation. Art Yourself Atelier’s design team will also actively work with artists to ensure the optimum visual delivery.

Permanency and Transcendency

Artistic expression registers human’s attempt of transcending her own mortality and of writing into permanency. And so does online exhibition as an exhibition form. Unless specially maintained by the artist, online exhibition at Art Yourself Atelier will be limited by no ending date. A permanent address will be dedicated to the exhibition, and this allows viewers and artists to revisit the exhibition in a permanent present tense.

Process of Preparing for Online Exhibition

Step 1: Submission (On This Page)

Begin by submitting all required files including high-resolution images of artworks, your artist biography, statements, and any additional materials via our collection form on this page. Concurrently, we'll evaluate your exhibition proposal, considering factors like the theme, your portfolio, and the proposed artwork.

Step 2: Exhibition Design

Post file collection and proposal approval, our dedicated team will craft the online exhibition layout. This encompasses the creation of an engaging user interface, the placement of artworks, and the integration of your information.

Step 3: Exhibition Preview

Before making the exhibition public, we'll share a preview with you for your perusal. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request modifications, ensuring your work is displayed as you envision.

Step 4: Exhibition Launch

Upon your approval, the exhibition will go live on our platform.

Step 5: Publicity

Art Yourself Atelier will announce the exhibition on its website, across social media channels and in weekly newsletter to garner maximum viewership.


Application Fee

Each submission entails an application fee of 200 USD. Only selected artists will be charged the application fee, and if not selected, and if the artist has already paid the application fee during the submission process, the amount will be refunded within seven workdays after the editorial team gets in touch with you with our decision.

Since we are a non-profit team, and this fee is not our gain. Instead, it’s exclusively allocated to the online services for the creation and management of your online exhibition webpage, ensuring its maintenance and enhancement. Furthermore, we provide free ongoing promotion for your online exhibition across various social media platforms and through our newsletters, ensuring your work receives the industry exposure it deserves.

We are honored by the increasing interest from talented artists, who wish to collaborate with us. This growing demand compels us to enhance our resources to meet these expanding needs. Just so you know, our team members voluntarily invest their time and expertise in supporting this platform, and we do not profit from the operational fee.

Thank you so much for supporting Art Yourself Atelier all the time. We truly appreciate it!