THE Overview

Established in late of 2020, we are young, fast-growing and exceptional online art platform and thriving marketplace crafted to enhance your artistic journey. Conceived by a diverse group of artists, galleries, and collectors from both traditional and crypto art realms across the globe.

Art Yourself Atelier is designed to enrich your daily art experience. From the launch, immerse yourself in an AI-selected collection of exceptional artworks, and as we continue to grow, our platform will become even more inclusive and reflect a decentralized, community-focused philosophy. Whether you are an established artist or just starting out, we believe that every creative deserves a showcase. So, if you're an artist looking for a gallery to showcase your work, we invite you to join us. Get in touch to learn more about our open calls for artists.

THE Team

Meet the Art Yourself Atelier team:

We are a vibrant, youthful, and swiftly expanding international ensemble, possessing an impressive blend of artistic and technical prowess. Our team members originate from various backgrounds, with some having gained valuable work experience at Big Techs, while others have graduated from top-tier art and computer science colleges. This unique fusion of skills and experience positions us perfectly to drive the vision of our platform, which aims to empower artists and captivate audiences from around the globe.

THE Online Exhibition Submission

Art Yourself Atelier is pleased to announce its open call for artists and curators for online solo and group exhibitions. Genres of submitted works can include but are not limited to: visual art, film, sculpture, installation, textile arts, wearable arts, dance, sound, and literal arts with visual elements. Artists may submit multiple series of work for a solo exhibition, and curators may propose either works from one artist for a solo exhibition, or works from various artists for a group exhibition.

Selected artists and curators will work with the editorial and design team at Art Yourself Atelier towards a permanent online exhibition that transcends the temporal and spatial limits.

The form of online exhibition combines the immersive-ness of new visual technology with the inclusiveness and accessibility that lie at the core of many artistic practices and expressions. Online exhibition presents the layered texture and winding aesthetics of art works, and allows visuality, narratives and art criticism to work as each other’s context in the same exhibition space. Selected artists will also be joined by curators, editors and designers at Art Yourself Atelier to work on articles, reviews and interviews.

Founded in California and with an editorial team based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Hong Kong, Art Yourself Atelier started as a curated reservoir for global art exhibition, gallery and artist information. Based upon up-to-date searching and machine-learning technologies, Art Yourself Atelier has one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry. Through information listing, curation and weekly editorial content, Art Yourself Atelier has gathered an art community with over 20,000 art professionals, collectors, gallerists, critics, journalists and viewers from the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With its accessibility, online exhibition has introduced artists to different geographical regions and languages and connected artists with wider viewer groups and professional communities.

We warmly invite you to share your artwork, pertinent details, and materials with us through the submission page.

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