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Writing is probably as untimely as art is.

Dear readers, welcome to the interview column at Art Yourself Atelier, a column of long interviews with artists, curators, gallerist, writers, and many flowing, undefined existence around arts. To engage in a long conversation, and consequently, to compose, to react with the words, feels like an untimely slow motion in our age, the same slowness and patience as summoned in painting, filming, sculpturing, and sounding.

The interview column features interlocutors with different backgrounds. They are of different nationalities, at diverging stage of their artistic career, and working with different media. Language has its inner river, and as each conversation goes on its own direction, the only common ground we stand on, and believe in, is honesty and sincerity. As words will lay the heart bare, and arts lay us bare, and armed. All interviews will be available in English and Chinese, and, as we are hoping, in more lingual diversities as in the near future.

Wish you a good time reading.