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Zhou Gongmo was born in Yueyang, a port city on the banks of the Yangtze River in southern China. He graduated from the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) with a bachelor's degree.

In September 2019, he was admitted to the second year of the Fine Arts Academy of Nantes in France and is currently pursuing his master's degree. Being far away from home in France, he hasn't returned home for over three years. Therefore, he can only communicate with his family through video and share photos of their lives with each other.

This distance from home has made him reflect a lot on the distance between himself, images, and the real world. Behind the digital screen is actually another world - a virtual world. That's why he has painted many screens. He is often attracted to the surface and reflection of objects; the surface of an object is the boundary between its interior and exterior, and he always wants to see deeper through the surface.

That's why he often uses partial surfaces of objects, parts of skin, and the surface of screens in his paintings. Through the perspective of the camera, he attempts to create relationships between things in different spaces. Ismaël Bahri's micro and unique perspective has prompted him to rethink how he perceives things.

Artists like Gerhard Richter and Luc Tuymans have conducted extensive research on the relationship between painting and images. Other painters who have greatly influenced him include Jean-Luc Clergue, Philip Hultberg, Lucian Freud, and Ellen Altfest.