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Zhu Leisan
Works (65)

Zhu Leisan
[Shanghai, China]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Zhu Leisan's first solo exhibition on our platform -- «Absurdity of The Human World · 人间荒谬».

Artist's Biography

Zhu Leisan, male, born in 1997.

About the Solo Exhibition

Inspired by expressionism, Leisan tries to make and create images with provoking visual impact to express his personal subjective vision on the world: absurd, chaotic, contradictory and dramatic; Indirectly, it reflects his subconscious rejection of modern civilization -- human beings seem to be more like a pandemic ravaging the planet, destroying the surrounding environment in which we live -- to convey his thoughts and questions about the natural environment, modern civilization, contemporary life style and social order we concern.