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Elisa Cella
Works (28)

Elisa Cella
[Monza, Italy]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Elisa Cella's solo exhibition on our platform

Artist's Biography

Elisa Cella was born in Genova in 1974, she lives and works in Monza (MB). She studied Mathematics at Università Statale of Milan, after the diploma in scientific high school.

About the Solo Exhibition

Beauty, mystery and wonder are contained in every direction in which human beings decide to investigate the world, from the infinitely small to the size of the universe.

This beauty is full of questions and ethical problems that knowledge offers us from time to time.

A cell that duplicates itself: apparently a very simple gesture, which is the basis of life. And yet, we do not fully know how this happens and how it is possible to pass from a stone to a body.

Margherita Hack once proposed the hypothesis that the link between inanimate matter and life could be that animating is a characteristic of matter itself.

Niels Bohr, diving into the quantum and multidimensional world of particles, ended up saying that deep down we are something real constituted by something unreal, extraneous to our vision confined in the three or four dimensions that we perceive and inhabit.

Elisa’s works draw inspiration from this: from the microscope images, from the theories, from the questions that human beings has always placed themselves, from mystery, from an immanent vision of reality.

Elisa’s way of representing is a pictorial reworking and recently also sculptural and installative ones, of all this things, using the circle as the basic module.

The circle rings Elisa’s obsessiveness and is an archetypal figure that has multiple connections: the eggcell from which we were born is round, the opening through which we came into the world is roughly round, we find us on a spherical planet rotating on itself and in orbit around a spherical sun, when we want to draw an object whose shape you do not know you draw a circle, the first shape that a newborn recognizes is the circle, only for give some examples among many.

Elisa’s circles in paintings are handmade, she doesn’t use normographers, compasses or forms. In some paintings are left more imperfect in others, however, are more controlled.

Technical work is a constant tension between control and freedom of gesture. Imperfection is an important feature of her work.

In recent years Elisa has been experimenting with new materials and techniques, her work remains with a strong two-dimensional component, but the installation and the lights and shadows make it inhabit the space in a different and unexpected way.

Her works, on the other hand, come to life on their own regardless of her intentions. A geometric-abstract life. She calls them Bio-Abstraction.

Her Solo Exhibition

2021 Umbertide (PG)
Tre Artiste Tre
Rocca di Umbertide

2019 Monza (MB)
L’impossibilità del reale
Villa Contemporary Art Gallery

2019 Brescia
Angolo di contatto
Azimut Space in collaboration with E3 Art Contemporary Gallery

2015 Brescia
Sensazione Concava
E3 Art Contemporary Gallery

2015 Santo Stefano d’Aveto (GE)
Elisa Cella solo show and Media, Video e Corpi Gloriosi Videofusion show Castello Fieschi-Doria-Malaspina


Her Group Exhibition

2021 Casale Monferrato (AL)
L’ora di Mosca - Esperienza #2

Paleologi Castle
2021 Corciano (PG)
+Divenire, Dove inizia il nuovo esodo San Francesco Museum Church

2021 Leffe (BG)
Rinascite - La società del rischio

2021 Missaglia (LC)
Seven - l’arte interpreta i sette vizi capitali
Monastery of Mercy

2021 Italy
Master Artist 2021 she is the winner

2021 Italy
Exibart Prize 2020 she is a finalist

2021 Monza (MB) Esercizi di Purezza
Villa Contemporanea Gallery

2021 Genoa
20x20 eventi 2020!
UnimediaModern Contemporary Art Gallery

2021 Genoa
one of her drawings enters the permanent collection Villa Croce Museum

2021 Pisogne (BS)
Santa Maria della Neve Church

2020 Monza (MB)
I Temi dell’Arte: Autoritratto Binario 7 Theatre

2020 Lecco
I Temi dell’Arte: Nudo e Figura Torre Viscontea

2020 Salò (BS)
one of her drawnings enters the permanent collection Civica Raccolta del Disegno

2020 Santo Stefano d'Aveto (GE)
La bellezza resta. Malaspina-Fieschi-Doria Castle

2020 Pinerolo (TO) Futura
Vittone Palace

2019 Lissone (MB) permanently exposed work Museum of Contemporary Art

2019 Racalmuto (AG)
one painting of her is permanently exposed Pinacoteca of Chiaramontano Castle

2019 Merate (LC)
La bellezza resta.
Town Hall

2019 Bergamo
Buste Dipinte
Social Theatre

2019 Carnago (VA)
La bellezza resta.
San Rocco Church

2018 Monza (MB)
Olmea Palace

2018 Milano
Buste Dipinte
Laboratorio Formentini, ex Rectory of San Carpoforo Church in Brera

2018 Klausen (BZ)
La bellezza resta.

2018 Pinerolo (TO)
Sant'Agostino Church

2018 L’Aquila
La bellezza resta.
Palazzetto dei Nobili

2017 Brescia
Analitica 70 e nuove prospettive
E3 Contemporary Art Gallery

2017 Monza (MB)
Estetica Matematica
Villa Contemporanea Gallery

2017 Graz (A)
Kunst Heilt Medizin - Zehen Werke
Faculty of Theology, University of Graz

2017 Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN)
MAM Museum, Villa Ippoliti

2017 Pinerolo (TO)
Teatro Sociale

2017 Piacenza
La bellezza resta.
Biffi Art Gallery