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Siting Liu
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Siting Liu
[Changsha, China]

Art Yourself Atelier is proud to present the solo exhibition of Siting Liu, a young and dynamic artist whose work is capturing the attention of the art world. This exhibit features two series of the artist's pieces: The Multitude and Trace, as well as her other recent works.

A new voice in the world of Chinese mural painting, Siting brings a fresh energy and a bold approach to this ancient art form. In her solo exhibition, you'll discover breathtaking murals that are both deeply rooted in tradition and infused with contemporary flair. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Siting's exceptional art on Art Yourself Atelier and be inspired by his creative vision.

Artist's Biography

Born in Changsha, Hunan in 2000, Siting currently resides in Changsha and has studied at the first studio of the Mural Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA).

In 2022, she was admitted to the graduate program of the Restoration Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts as a straight-admission graduate student.

About the Solo Exhibition

【 The Multitude · « 芸芸 » · 2022 】

"All things are diverse, but each returns to its root." I am the most ordinary of all beings, yet also comprised of many unique "ME". They are ordinary but different, forming a complex yet true representation of myself.

This work is an expression of self. Each person is a complex individual who adopts different masks according to different societal sroles in the grand stage of life, but the true self lies beneath the masks.



(The series is composed of the main work and individual shots of each "ME" in the main image. The annotations for each "ME" are located beneath the corresponding images. Enjoy!)

【 Trace · « 痕 » · 2021 】

The traces gifted by the heavens and the rings left behind by the passing of time. Her imperfections are what truly make her perfect.


【 Weep · « 泣 » · 2020 】

Vessel(the pronunciation in Chinese is "qì"), weep(the pronunciation in Chinese is also "qì"). Broken ceramics. Ceramics are extremely fragile before firing, like a newborn baby. It is only after multiple firings that it becomes strong.


Her Exhibition Experience

2022 - Graduation creation "Yun Yun" won a second-class award for excellent works in the Mural Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

2022 - Graduation creation "Yun Yun" was exhibited in the offline group exhibition of 100 young artists under the Red Book 100 Young Artist Illumination Plan in Shanghai.

2021 - Participation in the collective creation "Ode to the Great Wall" won the Xu Beihong Award of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

2020 - Works "Colors 1, 2, 3" won a second-class award at the school level.

2020 - Works such as "Partial Copying of Mogao Grottoes 220 Caves" were exhibited at the Shanghai Education and Expo.

2020 - Work "Partial Copying of Mogao Grottoes 220 Caves" won a second-class award at the school level.

2020 - Participation in the collective creation "Partial Reconstruction of Mogao Grottoes 220 Caves" won a third-class award at the school level.

2019 - Works "Full-body Portrait of a Woman" and "Half-body Portrait of a Woman" were collected by the Basic Department Library of the Academy of Fine Arts.