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Shuwan Chen

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Shuwan Chen
[New York, The United States]

Art Yourself Atelier is delighted to announce the launch of "Generative Interventions," the inaugural online solo exhibition of the exceptionally talented Shuwan Chen. Dive in and explore!

Artist's Biography

Shuwan (b.1994) is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. She received a BA in Sociology from the Australian National University (2016) and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts (2022). Her work explores the bridge between physical and digital spaces, objects, and experiences. She uses digital data from an archive of glitched images to make new photographs and sculptures with modeling software and machine learning to explore the vision of the future. She discovers new possibilities for what a glitch can generate, such as digital and physical objects, as well as the relationship between fragility and stability, machine-made and handmade, traditional photography making, and alternative processes in a metabolic way.

About the Solo Exhibition

"Generative Interventions" invites viewers on a captivating artistic odyssey where the realms of art, technology, and fortuitous glitches converge. This exhibition unveils the transformative potential of glitches as generative forces, pushing the boundaries of visual perception. Shuwan's creative journey unfolds through iterative processes that seamlessly traverse two and three dimensions, highlighting the pixel as a fundamental element in her artistic vocabulary. From chance file errors that give rise to mesmerizing photographs, to the incorporation of 3D printing and machine learning tools, visitors are immersed in a realm where glitches become catalysts for innovation, disrupting traditional notions of order and aesthetics. As the lines blur between creator and creation, we invite you to embrace the unexpected beauty that emerges from the exploration of glitches as generative interventions, unlocking enthralling possibilities when artistry intertwines with the capricious nature of the digital realm.

Her Work Experience

Co-founder of ©:iidrr since 2020

Her Study Experience

2022 · MFA Photography Video and Related Media, School of Visual Arts
2017 · Photography & PR and Advertising, London College of Communication
2016 · BA Major Sociology Minor Japanese, The Australian National University

Her Past Art Exhibition Experience

2022-09 · Xiamen, China
SITUASIAN, LanlanLi Medical Aesthetics Centre

2022-06 · New York
MFA thesis show 2022, SVA Chelsea Gallery

2022-04 · New York
Island of Light, 559w 23rd st

2022-03 · New York
Now + Here, East Village Art Collection

Photo Journal Moday, Musee Magazine

2020-06 · Nanjing, China
Looking Back, Stepping Forward, Nanjing Tech Week

Abstractions, Loosenart

Consciousness of Abstraction, ARC Gallery

2019-09 · New York
Color, BWAC

2019-09 · New York
Creative Mosaic, Plaxall Gallery

2019 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention

Prisma Art Prize Finalist

2019-06 · New York
People’s Choice Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery