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Mia Li
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Mia Li
[Chicago, United States]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Mia Li’s first solo exhibition on our platform -- «The Chicago».

Artist's Biography

Born and raised in Nanjing, China, a city that is imbued with the beauty and spirit of both traditional Chinese and modern architecture. Mia found her interest in cityscape and architecture photography at a very young age. In 2016, Mia moved to Chicago, where she got the chance to embrace the aroma of the largest and most diverse collections of skyscrapers in the world.

Mia was further inspired when she started to shoot her “Empty City” series during the pandemic. Chicago, which used to be a crowded city bustling with activity, became such a quiet and undisturbed place in lockdown. Mia enjoys shooting at some of the busiest places during their slowest times; she still does so now by going to the North Ave Beach at 5 am, on a -22°C winter morning, waiting for the sunrise.

About the Solo Exhibition

"The Chicago" series is a feature of Mia’s work taken during the winter of 2021 and 2022.