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Kiki Moors
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Kiki Moors
[Maastricht, The Netherlands]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Kiki Moors's solo exhibition -- «Wie Man Leben Kann · Comment On Peut Vivre · How We Can Live» on our platform.

Artist's Biography

Kiki Moors is a Dutch artist, but she feels more like an European artist. Because born and raised in Roermond, a small city close to the Belgian en German borders, she lives in a region where different languages, cultures and people constantly cross over. That’s why the majority of her work consists of a constant multidisciplinary experimental voyages through different dialogues and contrasts. And most of these works are all started by the inspiration she gets from the beauty in this ordinary, but dynamic life.

With a fresh, new, modern, experimental and youthful vision on the world we’re living in she’s trying to get people in motion and think about their way of living and the world around them.

Because when we, as humans, are getting more aware of creating a good view on the world around us, not with our provocative vision we rush through everyday but with a pure, aware and curious vision, we could discover a lot of more beauty in this dynamic world than we actually think.

Maybe is this vision a bit different from the way we daily think how to live life; because it’s in fact full of inspiration, fascination and passion. Full of unexpected,inviolable and surprisingly details, moments and places we don’t recognize in our ‘ordinary’ life.

It’s actually full of art.

About the Solo Exhibition

" Wie man leben kann, comment on peut vivre, how we can live. Isn’t life more beautiful when we don’t live under a constantly pressure? When we are allowed to move on think freely?

Why can’t we just choose for this route? Who decides for our own individual human being, how to live? Isn’t this world oppressing enough these days. All the digital systems, innovations and machines are a helpfully tool, we think. But when they stuck in their own innovation? How are we going to continue our lives.

Constantly rush these questions through while making works. Where do we have to go to when our fixed habits and thoughts about we think how to live, suddenly stuck and aren’t working anymore?

We have to think more critical about how fast we are used to things these days. Which things suffer from and how we are maybe losing slowly while using a rushing through this world every day, our identities?

I hope that my works are one of the ways to get people in real motion again. How we can get back to live. "

— Kiki Moors

How do our brains look like these days?
While a lot of processes are going digital we seem to lose our identity. Our most intrinsically human identity of creating things by our own hands and thinking about these processes while making things. Ages of people crafted things out of stone, wood or other basic materials, but nowadays a lot of our stuff is digital available.

Do we live still consciously?
Or are even these moments of awareness oppressed? The need of really being relaxed is big, but also controlled again by our systems, devices and machines.Take your time to make choices and don’t let you being dragged by the spirit and pressure of our zeitgeist and society.

'MOVE VERSION II' / 2020-2021
Look in the future. Are our now so important and innovative systems and media capable to handle all this pressure of usage? Does there come a day that they stuck in their own innovation? What’ll we do then? Are we capable then to solve our problems by ouselves, our own humanhands? There hides so much beauty in our dynamic world, but we seem to not taking some time for this anymore. Dare to take just a little step backwards to oversee everything we own.
But instead of taking a step back, we rush further. Rushing to reach what? Isn’t the voyage not more important than the result? Aren’t we even allowed anymore to make, create or develop our own analog / imperfect ideas?

'PLATAN TILES' / 2020-2021
Social media communicational experiment,this time for real. Simultaneously giving something back to the city and Mother Nature.
But how can you give ceramics back to where they come from (slow world and processes)? And on the other hand; how can you include the dynamic environment, its processes (a city) and its sources (the people)?

Her Study Experience

2019 - 2021, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Fine Art and Design in Education
Academie Beeldende Kunsten

2018 - 2019, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Toegepaste Fotografie en Beeldcommunicatie
Nederlandse Academie voor Beeldcreatie