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Jiayue Yu
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Jiayue Yu
[Shanghai, China]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Jiayue Yu's first solo exhibition on our platform -- «Butterfly Is On Fire · 着火的蝴蝶».

Artist's Biography

Jiayue Yu (b.1995) was born and raised in Nanjing, China. She earned her bachelor degree in Fine Arts in Studio (major in photography) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017 and now she is based in Shanghai. Attracted by the complexity and variety in human emotions, Yu uses photography, 3D modeling, and video as the main media, integrated with literature/art references and her own life experiences, trying to explore and depict interpersonal relationships, emotions and their derivatives that are born in different social context.

俞嘉悦,1995年出生于江苏南京,2017年获芝加哥艺术学院纯艺术学⼠学位,现工作生活于上海。作品围绕人类情感的多样性和复杂性,以摄影, 3d建模视频装置为主要的媒介,结合个人生活体验和文艺作品参考,试图探索、描绘当下社会背景中人与环境的关系,发展趋势,以及孕育而生的各种情绪。

About the Solo Exhibition

With our increasing reliance on the world behind electronic screens, the boundaries between the real and the virtual world have never been more blurred — when we rose above from the surface, we might just have dived into another. What is still tangible to both our hands and our heart? and how much can we preserve?

In this project, Jiayue uses 3D modeling and photographs to construct scenarios, which are the interweaving of time and space, the imagination of certain experiences, the glitches on the edge of reality. Everything in the world has never been so connected and yet so far apart. It is often said that a single flap of a butterfly's wings can cause major influences on a tornado. So what if the butterfly is on fire now?



Her Exhibition Experience

2020 · Padova, Italy
"PHOTO OPEN UP" Group Exhibition
Padova International Photography Festival

2020 · Beijing/Xiamen, China
"Resonance" The 2020 Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition

2019 · Chongqing, China
"Stratum" Group Exhibition

2019 · BENTU Space, Beijing, China
"Purity" Group Exhibition

2018 · Jiazazhi Showroom, Ningbo, China
JZZ 1st Dummy Book Showcase Group Exhibition

2018 · Circus Gallery, Chicago, United States
"In Bloom" Group Exhibition

2017 · MANA Contemporary, Chicago, United States
"Deconstructed Not Destroyed" Group Exhibition

Her Study Experience

2017 · School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio, Photography

Her Publications

"Six Thoughts", Hakuchi Magazine, Vol. 2, 2020

"A Retrospect", Still Magazine, Issue 6, 2018

"Muses" Editorial Series, Circus Magazine, Issue 4, 2018

"Hallway Drama" Editorial Series, Volition Magazine, November Issue, 2017

"American College Women", Glamour Online, August Issue, 2017

"Crusher’s Club" Photo Essay, Chicago Reader, Vol.46, No.33, 2017

"The Chicagoan" Column, Chicago Reader, Vol.45, No.20-30, 2017

Her Awards

The 2020 Three Shadows Photography Award selected candidate