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Jiang Lei

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Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 1 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 2 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 3 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 4 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 5 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing Demigod · 凡间代理人 · 6 · 2020 · 50*60cm · Shanghai · Fine art printing


Jiang Lei
[Shanghai, China]

Art Yourself Atelier proudly introduces 'Demigod · 凡间代理人', a unique online solo exhibition featuring the remarkable creativity of China's rising artist, Jiang Lei.

Artist's Biography

Jiang Lei, a native of Turpan in Xinjiang Province, has cultivated his unique aesthetic through dedicated study and practice. From 2002 to 2006, he attended the College of Artistic Design at Xinjiang University, where he pursued a B.A. in Upholster Layout. This specialized field became the cornerstone of his artistic exploration, grounding him in principles that continue to guide his work.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree and a major focusing on art layout, Jiang has honed his skills and sensibilities, contributing to his emergence as a significant figure in the contemporary Chinese art landscape.

Now based in Shanghai, where he both works and lives, Jiang Lei continues to evolve as an artist, weaving the rich textures of his cultural heritage with innovative techniques and concepts. His contributions to art and design resonate with audiences and reflect an enduring commitment to creative expression.

About the Solo Exhibition

《Demigod · 凡间代理人》

In the Bible, God admonishes people to drive away darkness with light, and Christ is equal to the promise of life and the eternal day, as is the morning star. In Buddhism, a better life and encounter is achieved by renouncing material things and adhering to meditation and mindfulness of compassion.

With more than 4,000 active religious systems coexisting around the world, what is it about this global phenomenon that keeps it alive across time and space?

By observing how people believe, rather than considering what they believe, we will realize that humans may be naturally inclined to believe in the existence of a supernatural world. Stories, objects, images, prayers, meditations and rituals can all provide ways for people to cope with the anxieties of the world and help form strong social bonds. People's lives became more orderly and understandable as a result.

Religion and faith in Romantic poetry are visions of a society and religion achieving a great synthesis." In these seemingly mundane sculptures and scenes, the importance of faith to a culture is explored, as well as the coexistence of multiple human civilizations in the current historical context of change and singular regeneration. The fusion and collocation of different cultural images and the overlapping symbiosis of time and space form a surreal cultural metaphor and a new visual iconography.

His Study Experience

2022 · Sydney
《White Black Dreams》 · Head On Photo Festival

2022 · Barcelona
《Bhagavad Gita》 · Art23 Gallery

2021 · Beijing
《White Black Dreams》 · Guardian Art Center

2018 · Beijing
《The Will on Kill》 · Guardian Art Center

2012 · Wuxi
《Origin》 · SUJIA Art Gallery

2011 · Beijing
《Home》 · First National Youth Photography Festival, Millennium Monument

2010 · Shanghai
《Origin》 · Life of ease, Knowledge & Innovation Community

2010 · Shanghai
《Smoke from Industry》 · M50 Creativespace