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Daphne Ting-Yu Chu

Works (3)

《AfterGlow III · 2022》

This Interactive sound-visual installation is the 'afterglow' of an occupant's impact in space, both physical and perceived. The room is reconstructed using light and sound, creating a constantly shifting perception of fluid space in flux, responding to the behaviour of the occupant. It captures the sound of viewers' steps to modulate it and visualizes it to shape the space in real-time.

The installation allows viewers to consider the boundary between tangible physical space and intangible perceived space from sensory perception, light and sound. We can be physically present in a space, but our minds constantly switch between and disconnect from different perceived spaces.

This project combines both the material and the immaterial to represent the dynamic of people's living experiences across differing spaces. When viewers step into the room, the afterglow of their impacts alters the space they are present and shapes sensory perception.

《Bring into Existence · 2023》

Without people, cultures can't continue to evolve. It needs someone to actively engage with it, someone to interact with it, to bring it into meaningful existence.

Bring into Existence is an Interactive sound-visual installation that does not exist in any form until the moment someone interacts with it. The more the people move, the variety of sound, light, and projection with motion tracking opens up layer by layer, and when the audience stops moving, it goes back to its original state.

It invites the audience into the space to conjure the artwork to life. Each individual's identity and background create unique interactive interpretations through the one element that connects us all: movement. The audience becomes a conductor of sound, lights and visuals. Driving the artwork to its final crescendo to solidify the connection between creators and audience.

《Void · 2020》

In a void, projection mapping uses a 3D illusion to create space, thereby developing six interconnected chapters discussing the perspective of space. The viewers interact with the installation using their hands as if from a god’s perspective, manipulating the miniature universe. From the tangible to the abstract, it explores the multifaceted perspective of space, inviting audiences to reflect on the nature of spatial perception and the intricate relationship between the observer and the observed.


Daphne Ting-Yu Chu
[London, United Kingdom]

Art Yourself Atelier is honored to present a distinctive online solo exhibition 『The Space in Between』of Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, a London-based interdisciplinary artist who employs light, sound, and tactile experience to re-imagine space as a feminine, poetic and fluid phenomenon. Daphne’s oeuvre ranges from live performances, interactive installation, audio-visual arts, and spatial experience.

《In the Light of Perception: Phenomenology of Space in Daphne Ting-Yu Chu's Interactive Art》

Date: 2024.06.29

From a locale as private as a personal chamber to the public, a grand venue like the Las Vegas arena, Daphne’s light performance has been staged in a wide range of spaces. To go through Daphne’s complete oeuvre, I guess the metaphor of a powerful eyeball immediately becomes apt. It seems that nocturnal vision and daytime vision are both at work here, allowing the artist to stay sensitive to the slightest alteration in the dim light while also capable of composing epic light performance with theatrical brightness and contrast, illuminating the complexity within the light and our experience with the space.

In Daphne’s installation, the set boundary of space is distilled as she enables the light to swim beyond a mere dialectic of light and shadow. As the composed light moves in a fluid, choreographical progression, the visible air takes on the motion of an undulating wave, expanding, shrinking, and eroding what was conceived as firm and non-movable. Indeed, modern and contemporary art history does not lack re-visualization of space. A phenomenology of the newly transformed urban space of Paris is central to Charles Baudelaire, and following his flaneur protagonist, scholar Lauren Elkin discusses flaneuse, the feminine form of an idly city wanderer, emphasizing how females experience the urban space differently. Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, along the lines of phenomenology, is also a researcher in the Interactive Architecture Lab. Her research focuses on the disconnection between mind and body in tangible physical space and inquires how perceptions change along with bodily movements.

What is also distilled in Daphne’s fluid space is the demarcation of different sense faculty. Contrary to the habitual categorization of visual, acoustic, and tangible, Daphne’s immersive installation is all of the sensible at once, inseparable, mystically affluent. Eyes, ears, and skins are summoned in the immersive viewing experience of her work till the skins become the new receptor of light and the eyes turn into a swinging organ along the composed performance. What Virginia Woolf has imagined on the street of London as “a central oyster of perceptiveness, an enormous eye" has found its resonance in Daphne’s work. In the undulating waves of light, the viewers have tenderly projected far away into the early stage of existence when our senses were still non-alienated from our body, were at peace with us in the clear liquid, in other words, an existence of innocence, of abundance, reminiscent of a long-lost totality.

— Luxi He, Curator / Writer / Co-founder of AYA

About the Luxi He:

Luxi is China-born, LA-based curator focusing on young and emerging artists from under-represented groups and artists in diaspora. Centered on the theme of interdisciplinary new genre, of migration and displacement, her curating experience ranges from solo and group exhibitions at Lorin Gallery, Los Angeles, Future Fair, New York, to themed virtual exhibitions at Art Yourself Atelier. She has worked with artists from multiple genres including photography, motion pictures, video arts, paintings, sculptures, installation arts, and fabrication.

Apart from working as a curator, she’s also a contributing writer to the New York-based fine art photography publication Musée Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar Art, China, for which she drafts art reviews. Luxi’s in-depth, long interview with artists and gallerists can also be read in the interview column at Art Yourself Atelier.

About the Solo Exhibition

In our hyperconnected world, where physical presence and virtual exploration intersect, "The Space in Between" explores the dynamic interplay between tangible physical space and intangible perceived spaces. It comprises three interconnected audiovisual projects by new media artist Daphne Ting-Yu Chu based on her research on the disconnection between mind and body in spatial experience. She tells stories about space from the sensory perspective, encouraging audiences to question the nature of reality and embrace the inherent complexities of existence.

Each project uses different methods to present the fluidity of our perception. Through the amalgamation of light, sound, and projection mapping, it highlights the ever-changing relationship between mind, body, and environment, prompting reflections on how our sensory inputs continuously redefine our experience.

Artist's Biography

Daphne is a London-based new media artist and lighting designer for interactive installations, spatial experiences, audiovisual arts, and live performances. She has participated in over 200 lighting productions and exhibited her personal artworks on the global stage. They have been showcased in over 50 cities worldwide, spanning prestigious arenas such as MGM Grand Garden Arena (Las Vegas), The O2 Arena (London), AccorHotels Arena (Paris), Qudos Bank Arena (Sydney), Singapore National Stadium, Stadium Negara (Kuala Lumpur), Nest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium, in addition to galleries and art festivals including Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), the London Festival of Architecture, Artsect Gallery (London), Five Art Gallery (Taipei), Ugly Duck Gallery (London), Collect Art Gallery (Tbilisi), and more.

Her works combine visual/ sound art and technology to create interactive and immersive experiences. As a former researcher in the Interactive Architecture Lab, her research explores the disconnection between mind and body in tangible physical space and perceived space. She is interested in creating shifting perceptions of fluid space in continual flux through sensory perception to reshape people's experiences.

Her Past Art Exhibition Experience

2024 · London, UK
"About Time", ASC Gallery

2024 · London, UK
"Violent Bodies", Ugly Duck Gallery

2024 · Tbilisi, Georgia
"Digital Art Exhibition", Collect Art: Art Gallery

2024 · London, UK
"An Undefined Covariable", ArtSect Gallery

2023 · London, UK
"Bring into Existence", Here East

2022 · London, UK
"DFPI Project Fair", Here East & Studio Wayne McGregor

2022 · London, UK
"The Fifteen Show 2022", 22 Gordon Street

2022 · Linz, Austria
"Welcome to Planet B", Ars Electronica Festival

2022 · London, UK
"London Festival of Architecture", Here East

2022 · London, UK
"Interactive Architecture Lab Project Fair", Bloomsbury Theatre

(please find more showcases on the artist’s website)

Her Study Experience

London · University College London, The Bartlett School of Architecture | Graduation Dec 2022
MArch in Design for Performance & Interaction

Taipei · EC Design School | Graduation Nov 2019
Certificate in 3D Animation, Creative Coding, Motion Graphics

Taipei · Shih Hsin University | Graduation Jun 2016
BA in Journalism

Her Bibliography

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