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Cristian Selva Huygens
Works (58)

Cristian Selva Huygens
[Berlin, Germany]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Cristian Selva Huygens’s solo exhibition -- «It's All About, How Are You Gonna Manage/Use Your Passion And Pain?» on our platform.

Artist's Biography

Argentinian artist based in Berlin. Influenced by his studies in Architecture and Industrial Design as well as his brief moment at Piet Hein Eek, furniture designer in Eindhoven, NL.

Cristian Selva Huygens uses and expands both passion and pain as the impulses of creation, which in his opinion are the engine of every human being. Through them people can become big or small, can laugh and cry, can make and destroy in matter of seconds. Through discarded material he creates functional art. Tender yet caustic paintings, imposing brutalist furniture and lighting. He refines these rough and abrasive materials into objects of striking beauty whilst leaving the crudeness of the material visible and present.

It's All About, How Are You Gonna Manage/Use Your Passion And Pain?

The work of Argentinian-born Berliner Cristian 'Selva' Huygens is in equal measure delicate and tender, brutal and impactful. A rising artistic voice in Berlin, he works with a plethora of found, salvaged and raw industrial materials, he produces statement artworks that demand immediate engagement. From grotesquely beautiful sculptural furniture to his tender and evocative mixed-media paintings, 'Selva' as we call him, presents to us an installation of work that is essentially his complete living solution. Chronicling his journey thus far, starting with his striking early paintings and forays into the beginnings of his sculptural practice, finally arriving at his celebrated and monolithic conceptual furniture works. His process and development is something he wears visibly on his sleeve, a constant innovator. Holding up a mirror to emotion, human interaction, pain and pleasure, he channels the intensity of what it means to exist, and creates for us a space in which to live out our time. Sterile, functional, raw and heartfelt. Selva’s work is intoxicating. You can smell it, you can touch it. It presents a multi-sensory feast that not only reflects what it means to simply exist, but perhaps provides a fragment of insight into our increasingly dystopian future.

His Solo Exhibitions

2020 - Berlin, Germany
«R E V E L A T I O N (s)»
Störung Galerie

2020 - New York, United States

His Group Exhibitions

2019 - Berlin, Germany
«Factapeado Art Show»
Schalet Gallery

2019 - Berlin, Germany
«Summer Fog»
Curated by Artist: Donna Huanca

2018 - Berlin, Germany
«Ein Jahr»
Attended as Special Artist Guest

His Work Experience

Metal sculptures and instalations. Freelancer work for the artist Donna Huanca, based in Berlin & represented by Peres Projects Art Gallery.

Design Internship at Piet Hein Eek, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Designing and producing new products for the collection of the company. Experimenting with new materials and technics. (METAL FURNITURE).

TR3S 3RR3 ART STUDIO, Personal entrepreneurship Furniture Design and metal sculptures based on recycling raw materials. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 -2016
Essenography scene, metal welder for scene sculptures.

2013 -2015
Airport Police Security. Security Ministry. Argentina. Equity and infrastructure area. Project planner, building direccion.

Olga Araoz Architecture, Argentina. Planner and Designer. Project housing and commercial premises in Buenos Aires. Planning and presentation of draft. Assistant.

Restoration Machines. Car workshop and restoration of classic cars and motorcycles. Metal Welder And Designer.Education.

His Study Experience

“La Clac”, Film School, Studying. (Acting for film & TV).

Asunto Guevara Theater. Theater School. Studying.

Buenos Aires University (UBA), Argentina. Architecture. Architecture. 4° level. Studying.

2006 – 2008
Buenos Aires University (UBA), Argentina. Industrial Design.

2003 – 2006
Maria Elena Workshop, Fine Arts.

1997 – 2005
Arrayanes School, Garin, Buenos Aires, Province, Argentina. Bachelor.

1995 – 1998
Peter Malenquini, Fine Arts.