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[Wuhan, China]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Buwei’s solo exhibition -- «Vitality» on our platform.

Artist's Biography

Buwei, painter, printmaker, born in China in 1996, he graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2019. Currently living in New York, studying at Pratt Institute in the United States, focusing on oil painting, drawing and printmaking.

About the Solo Exhibition

" I'm a painter, I make paintings drawings, printmaking, and ceramics. Sketching is a habit I developed since childhood and the starting point of my painting. I use drawing-in the moment and from observation-to capture the energy and vitality of my encounters with my partner, Chloe, my cat, and our shared environment. A sense of touch, intimacy, and closeness are crucial to my practice as I translate the drawings into paintings.

As I translate the drawings into paintings, my interaction with the canvas and paint replaced my interaction with the subject, and the subject matter in the painting becomes a symbolic carrier, conveying the essence of painting. I will not refer to the original natural appearance of the subject at this stage but concentrate on the painterly issue - the fine balance between spontaneity and control, vitality, velocity, emphasis, energy, rhythm, etc. - that has existed for hundreds of years. "

— Buwei

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