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Barbara Raimondo
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Barbara Raimondo
[Hong Kong, China]

Art Yourself Atelier is thrilled to announce Barbara Raimondo's solo exhibition -- «Liguria Collection» on our platform.

Artist's Biography

Barbara Raimondo, ceramic sculptor, born in Liguria, Italy, lives and works in Hong Kong.

In 2015, Barbara decided to move to Asia from Italy, first to Singapore and then to Hong Kong where she have being living for the past 4 years.

After working several years in the financial sector, Barbara decided to follow her passion and leverage what she has learned during her master in visual arts. Ceramic has always interested Barbara, since she was a young. In 2017, Barbara started to practice it again, searching for also her own expressions and style and at the end of 2019 she decided to dedicate herself to this activity, follow her passion, and becoming a full time ceramist. At the end of 2020 Barbara has launched her first collection, called Liguria collection.

About the Solo Exhibition

Barbara Raimondo comes from a small region in Italy, Liguria, a half moon of land set between the Mediterranean sea and the beautiful Appenino Ligure mountains. The land is limited and to maximise it for agricultural purposes they used to build terraces on the hills to cultivate olive trees and vineyards. Barbara's work is deeply influenced by the terraces, the red soil, and white waves crashing the coast at their bottom as well as the olive tree which is a key element of the Liguria cultural tradition.  To amplify the design of her piece of art and to connect those with her land, Barbara creates naked clay sculptures reminding of her roots.

Her Education Experience

2008 - Milan, Italy
Master Degree in Communication and Visual Art
Istituto Europeo del Design

1996 - Milan, Italy
Bachelor Degree in Economics and Banking Science
University of Milan

Her Work Experience

1996 - 2019, Milan / Singapore / Hong Kong
Financial Services Sector