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Athena Motamedi

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Athena Motamedi
[Tehran, Iran]

We are thrilled to unveil "Suspension", the debut solo online exhibition by the brilliant Iranian female Artist Athena Motamedi, now live on Art Yourself Atelier.

Artist's Biography

Athena Motamedi, born on June 27, 1989, in Tehran.

She was interested in artistic activities since her childhood and after finishing elementary and secondary education, she entered the graphics associate degree at the scientific and applied university under the supervision of masters such as; Hassan Mouszadeh, Masoud Najabati, Seyed Ebrahimi, she continued my education and graduated.

Athena's insatiable thirst caused her to enter the bachelor of arts in the field of illustration, and this was the turning point and her entry into the endless world of art.

In the meantime, Athena cannot ignore the great influence of Master Ali Askari in her professional life. For 6 years, in addition to studying at the university, she was studying in his atelier. After years of exploring different painting styles and experimenting with them, she finally entered an amazing space by entering the expressionism style and became immersed in the mysterious world of dots and lines. In addition to painting and illustration, Athena has had a continuous professional activity in the field of visual arts.

In her artistic portfolio, Athena has participated in group exhibitions and set up a personal and private exhibition under the name of swelling.

Her inspirations and mentalities in creating ger works are the fusion of man with her unruly and unbridled soul and resistance and persistence in not manifesting them.

About the Solo Exhibition

Humans are busy with vulgar everyday affairs all day and night, we have taken the opportunity to examine our existence more. Where is my place in the multidimensional and infinite world? Am I an inanimate object, an animal, a plant, or a being like other beings, or am I a being that can be surrounded by the power of thinking over other beings or the internal enemy of others? Human has free will, but he is not aware of the assumption and purpose of existence. Our life is in chaos, daily life causes distress and drunkenness and vulgarity, and this daily suspension will continue until we do not know our inner self. Our relationships are our inner selves. My attempt in this collection is to express our inner states, which of course have been lost in our daily lives and caused a dangerous situation. Dead ends that we have voluntarily entered into.

Her Previous Art Exhibition Experience

2013 · 7samar Gallery
Participation in the exhibition Haft

Participation in the international (I breathe with you)

2019 · Baharak Gallery
Individual exhibition of design titled : Swelling

Participation in the fifth annual painting of Alborz province Iran

2020 · Del Mansion Gallery
Participation in the group exhibition of visual artists

2021 · Baharak gallery
Participation in the group exhibition with titled : Review